Design Problem #1,287 / Sump Pump Switch

If your sump pump uses a float switch, make darn sure the float doesn’t hang up on the side of the sump.  See this switch? It’s hitting the side of the sump and it can’t turn on.  Likewise, even if by some miracle it could get floating and turn on, it will hang up on the sump and never turn off.  The result either way is a burnt out pump and a basement that floods.

Make sure the sump is located in the middle of the sump so it won’t hang up.  Better yet, get a good pump with a guided float (Zoeller Pumps) that doesn’t have this stupid problem.  If there’s one thing that’s an absolute waste of money, it’s a cheap plastic pump like they sell at Le Depot de Maison.  Get a good cast iron housing pump; it’s only slightly more money, and your basement and peace of mind depend on it.


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