Restore Bungalow Porch & Brick / Vol. 1

I’m breaking this up into edible bites.  Volume 1 shows the preliminary fundamentals.

It happens after 90 years (plus or minus a decade or so).  Side walls fall apart, previous owners messed up the face brick with old awning hardware,  nearly a century of dirt and limestone staining,  a big settlement and lintel jack crack in the front wall…..  and a bunch of brick that’s odd size and isn’t manufactured anymore….so I can’t replace the damaged brick.

What to do?

Patching materials manufactured by US Heritage Group (located right here in Chicago) allow repairs for all manner of stone (including sandstone, granite, & bluestone), terra cotta,  marble & travertine materials, and concrete.  We used the MT15 Marble and Travertine Repair Mortar for the damaged brick faces.  

After the brick repairs were made, the rest of the large cracks were patched and repaired with lime based mortars matching our original mortar, and then tinted to duplicate color and the miscellaneous lime chunks found in the original mix.

Volume II shows the final cleaning, pointing with lime mortar, and finished porch looking as good as it did nearly 100 year ago.



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