The Early Years of Home Inspection

It’s sure different now than it was 30 years ago.  Back then, home inspections were brand new, standards of practice and reports were marginal to lousy, and only an approximate 15% of houses were inspected as part of the purchase procedure.

Home inspections, as a standard operating procedure, were not a component of real estate sales.  People just bought stuff and figured it out later, often with a large helping of buyers remorse.  I remember my three stage sales approach.  First, I had to tell people what a home inspection was.  Then, I had to explain why they needed it.   Then, with a little luck, I’d book the gig.  Lots of people didn’t get to the third part.

Most realtors actively worked to dissuade home buyers from having an inspection.  I remember one hairy knuckled old timer poking me in the chest with his finger,  telling me “we don’t need your type.  We’ve been selling real estate this way forever and it’s going to stay that way!”

I’m glad to say the gentleman was wrong. The Department of Housing and Urban Development included a mandate that instructs lenders to inform borrowers when they first meet to get a home inspection prior to purchasing a home (Read the article).

Sales people still need to control the sale to their best advantage

Most of the young realtors nowadays get it, but don’t necessarily interpret your realtors recommendations as being in your best interest.  It’s still sales, and sales people still need to control the sale to their best advantage.

Be careful out there.




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