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Hi, I’m Kurt Mitenbuler and I’ve been a full time Home Inspector in Chicago for 28 years. I’ve inspected more than 10,000 houses, hundreds of multiple family buildings, consulted on hundreds of building and remodeling projects, and have had the opportunity to see what works, and what doesn’t.

This site is devoted to discussing the technical aspects of our homes.  There’s plenty of sites about architecture and design, but hardly anywhere someone can research and look into the nuts and bolts of how their houses work. I hope to provide that foundation.


With more than 1,061,928 households in Chicago

I want to expand our knowledge of those households so that we can know how they work most efficiently and effectively.  This isn’t about any particular ethos, political prerogative,  trend of the moment,  or conventional wisdom myth.  It’s the place to connect with others and collectively expand our knowledge of how stuff actually functions.


 We Care About


Better quality homes

Destroying common misconceptions

Providing excellent resources

Explaining bizarre terms used in construction-speak

Creating a healthy community for learning and discussion


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